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Our culture is defined by dedicated, enthusiastic individuals who generate ideas and devise solutions in a creative, collaborative environment. We’re putting together a team and looking for individuals that can think outside the box and deliver on what others may believe unattainable.


We believe that every human is equal, across every dimension, and we function as an unbiased meritocracy. We strive to have Inclusion front and center in how we operate and embed the fundamentals of tolerance and understanding in everything we do. This core belief is woven into all our policies.

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You’ll be responsible for developing and implementing marketing and sales strategies that increase revenue, drive business growth, and enhance the company’s brand reputation.
This position requires a thorough understanding of robotics principles, programming languages such as C++ and Python, electronic components, and related technologies
Your primary role is to develop and execute effective marketing and sales strategies to drive customer acquisition, revenue growth, and promote the organization’s corporate training and employment services
Your role will be to assist your supervisor in versatile tasks – the successful candidate will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in various aspects of communication, research, writing, presentation and management.
We’re seeking a Grant Marketing Content and Proposals Intern to help the team create competitive marketing content and appealing proposals
This position demands a solid understanding of block coding in both Scratch and Python, as well as excellent communication skills, passion, and the ability to inspire and motivate students or children to pursue STEM careers.
We are looking for a STEM Maths Mentor who will advise and motivate students on their mathematical learning journey.
We are searching for a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Science Mentor who will guide and encourage students on their scientific learning journey.
You will be responsible for overseeing the digital marketing team, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and driving the company’s digital strategy forward
An experienced WooCommerce Tech Lead who will play a critical role in overseeing and managing our e-commerce platforms with WooCommerce portals

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