Senior Manager/Head of Accounts and Finance

Your Role and Responsibilities
Job Context
As a Senior Manager in the Accounts and Finance department, you will play a crucial role in overseeing financial operations, ensuring compliance, and driving strategic financial decisions. Your expertise and leadership will contribute to the organization’s financial stability and growth.
Compliance and Legislation:
  • Ensure accurate calculation and timely submission of VAT returns.
  • Monitor changes in VAT regulations and adjust processes accordingly.
  • Oversee income tax compliance, including filing returns and handling assessments.
  • Coordinate with tax consultants for expert advice.
  • Review contracts and financial agreements to ensure legal compliance.
  • Address any legal issues related to financial transactions.

Cross-Departmental Coordination:
  • Regularly communicate with operations teams to understand financial implications of business decisions.
  • Align financial processes with operational needs.
  • Coordinate closely with supply chain managers to optimize procurement costs.
  • Streamline payment processes for suppliers.

Modernizing Accounting Systems:
  • Evaluate and select accounting software that suits the organization’s requirements.
  • Lead the implementation process, ensuring smooth transition.
  • Establish robust data management protocols.
  • Safeguard financial information against unauthorized access.

Strategic Planning:
  • Contribute to annual budget preparation.
  • Develop financial forecasts based on market trends and business goals.
  • Analyze financial statements to identify areas for improvement.
  • Provide insights for cost reduction and revenue enhancement.

Financial Reporting and Audits:
  • Prepare detailed monthly financial reports, including profit and loss statements.
  • Highlight key performance indicators (KPIs) for management review.
  • Liaise with external auditors during annual audits.
  • Address audit queries promptly.

Fund Management and Bank Transactions:
  • Monitor cash flow patterns and manage working capital efficiently.
  • Invest surplus funds appropriately.
  • Oversee bank transactions, including payments, deposits, and reconciliations.
  • Negotiate favorable terms with banking partners.

Leadership and Additional Duties:
  • Mentor and guide accounting staff.
  • Foster a collaborative and motivated team environment.
  • Handle any special financial projects assigned by senior management.
  • Adapt to changing business needs and take on new responsibilities.

Skills required
Qualifications and Skills
To qualify to enter the selection process for this job, you must meet the following minimum criteria. Please DO NOT apply if you do not meet these criteria:
If you have the following skills/competence, you’ll have a competitive advantage in our selection process compared to others:
How To Apply
  1. Prepare a tailored version of your resume, highlighting the match with the qualifications as specified above
  2. Include Contact Information in resume itself
  3. Email your resume to following these instructions :
    • Subject Line: mention the Job Code and Job Title
    • Email Body: include the following information
    • Earliest Availability for Joining: date
    • Earliest Availability for Interviews: date
    • Interview Availability Time Windows: time windows
    • Minimum Desired Compensation (MDC): monthly salary in BDT
    • Job Location Applying For: location
    • Contact Information

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