Responsive Web Design

Build responsive and visually appealing websites

In this course you’ll learn to create dynamic and user-friendly websites that look great on any device. Delve into the principles of responsive design, exploring topics such as fluid layouts, flexible grids, and media queries. Through hands-on projects and practical exercises, you’ll gain proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript AND JQuery while mastering techniques to build responsive and visually appealing websites. You’ll also learn about the basic theme customization with WordPress CMS.

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Discover the principles and techniques behind designing websites that adapt seamlessly to various devices and screen sizes, ensuring an optimal user experience for all. Become proficient in HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and WordPress.

Key Features

Tools Covered

What you'll learn

On completion of the course, students will be able to:

Learning Path

  • Introduction with HTML (Syntax and Attributes)
    • HTML Intro with All Version
    • HTML Syntax
    • HTML Tags
    • HTML5 Semantics
    • HTML5 Attributes
  • Assignment
  • Creating web Layout using HTML & CSS
    • HTML Block level elements
    • Types Of CSS
    • CSS Integration in HTML
    • CSS Selectors
    • CSS Box Model
    • CSS Easy Properties
  • Assignment on Layout
  • Sign in & Sign up page with navbar
    • HTML Form Creation
    • Navigation Bar Using CSS
    • CSS3 Background Variation
    • Position Property
  • Assignment
  • Single Page Website Concept
    • HTML Media
    • Iframe Integration ( Youtube, Map, Vimeo)
    • CSS Overflow
    • Font Intregration
    • CSS Pseudo Classes
  • Assignment on Single Page Design
  • CSS3 Effects & Implementation
    • CSS3 Attributes
    • CSS3 Transformation
    • CSS3 Transition
    • CSS3 Animation
    • Other CSS3 Effects
  • Assignment (Add Image Gallery with Previous Project)
  • Multipage Website Creation & Media Query
    • Find Out Challenging Part of Final Assignment
    • Image to Complete Web-Layout
  • Final Project
  • Project Submission (HTML & CSS
    • Problem Solving
    • Full Overview
    • Q&A Session
    • Exam on Covered Topics
  • Project Review
  • Branding – Own SEO(Create Social Media Accounts With Same Name and Picture)
    • Get a Proper Logo
    • Give Back to the Community
    • Keep an Updated Portfolio
  • Video Portfolio – Platforms (Rawshots/Pawtoon)
    • How to Create Own Portfolio
    • Keep an Updated Portfolio
  • Payoneer Account Creation
  • First Assignment Announcement – Own Branding/SEO with Social Accounts
  • Introduction with Bootstrap & Grid System
    • Bootstrap Intro
    • Bootstrap Implementation or Installation
    • Bootstrap Grid & Gutter System
  • Assignment (Responsive Layout)
  • Knowing Bootstrap Facilities
    • Bootstrap Contents
    • Bootstrap Components
    • Bootstrap Utility Classes
  • Assignment (Enhance the Last Project Based on Covered Topics
  • Onepage Responsive Design With Navbar & Carousel
    • Bootstrap Navbar
    • Bootstrap Carousel
    • Bootstrap CSS Overriding with Your Own CSS
  • Assignment Announce (One Page Responsive Website)
  • Problem Solving and Follow-Up for Final Project
  • Another PSD to Responsive Design as a Group Project
  • Introduction with Fiverr
    • Account Creation
    • Profile Orientation
    • Motivation + Fun + Rules and Regulations
    • Fiverr Forum
    • Fiverr Levels Benefits & Eligibility
    • Payment Method Adding
  • Second Assignment (Fiverr Account Creation)
  • Assignment
  • Creating Gig in Fiverr
    • Gig Creation Tricks
  • Gig Marketing – 3 Unique Tricks
  • Fiverr – Gig Checking (One by One)
    • Buyer Request Sending (Bidding Process)
    • Order Delivery Process & Revision Process
    • Resolve Now Uses
  • Thousand Tricks on Fiverr
  • Third Assignment (Create 7 Gigs)
  • jQuery Intro
    • jQuery HTML & CSS
    • Form Validation Using JS/jQuery
    • jQuery Implementation with Small Examples
    • Useful jQuery Plugin Integrations
  • Using Most Used Plugins of jQuery in Our Website
    • How to Work with jQuery Plugin (Owl Carousel)
    • jQuery Parallax
    • Filterable Gallery Plugin
    • Smooth Scroll Plugin
    • Animate.css with Wow.js
    • Website Preloader
  • Final Project Using Plugins
  • Introduction to WordPress
    • XAMPP Installation
    • WordPress Dashboard
    • Blog Website

    Designing a WordPress Website Using Page Builder
  • WordPress Installation and Page Building with Elementor Builder
    • cPanel Introduction & WordPress Installation
    • Page Builder Introduction – Elementor, Visual Composer, Divi Builder, Beaver
    • Building a Page Using Elementor
    • Explaining Types of Themes and Licenses
  • Assignment – Design a Portfolio Website Using Elementor Builder
  • Betheme Customization
    • Paid Theme Installation, Demo Content Upload & Backup (BeTheme)
    • BeTheme Customization (With Landing Page Creation)
    • WordPress Menu-SubMenu, Page, Post Creation
    • Revolution Slider
  • Assignment on “One-Page Website”
  • Divi Theme and Builder
    • Introduction to Divi Builder
    • Creating a Full Page Using Divi Builder
    • Membership Plugin
  • Forms
    • Contact Form 7 – Full Custom Form (Redesign) Creation with Add-ons
    • Contact Form 7 Add-ons – Skins, Redirection, Database
    • WP Forms, Gravity Forms, Elementor Pro Forms
    • Popup – ConvertPlus
  • Assignment – Design SignUp, Registration Form, Booking Form
  • How to Create an eCommerce Website
    • eCommerce Website Introduction (Any Theme)
    • Creating a Multi-Product eCommerce Website
    • WooCommerce Plugin, Payment Gateway Integration
    • Add To Cart, Shop, Checkout & Payment Options (Local & International – SSL)
    • WooCommerce Plugins – (Product Magnifier, WooCommerce LightBox, WooCommerce Price Based on Country, PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Integration)
  • Final Project on eCommerce Site Creation
  • Form Creation & Integration Using MailChimp
    • Email Template Creation Using “MailChimp Plugin”
    • Full Campaign Setup with Automation
    • Explaining the Use of All Types of Forms
    • Revolution Slider Customization
  • Assignment Announcement on Portfolio Website with Theme
  • Booking Method, Migration & Speed Optimization
    • Speed Increase of WordPress Website
    • WordPress SEO using Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO Pack Plugin
    • Booking Method, Multilanguage Translation Pro Plugin
    • WordPress Website Migration
  • Assignment Announcement on Share Your Post on All Social Media
  • Overview Class
    • Chat Plugin, Nextend, and Miscellaneous Plugins
    • Bug Fix, Security, Hosting/Domain Transfer – Basic Issue Solving
  • WordPress Exam
  • (Upwork) Marketplace & Profile Creation
    • Profile Set Up + Skill Selection + Title + Overview + Own Video
    • Portfolio Set Up
    • Upwork Test Attending Tricks
    • Education + Certificate + Experience Set Up
    • Profile Set Up + Overview + Own Video
  • Assignment on Upwork Profile Creation and Bid on 1 Job Daily
  • (Upwork) Hourly & Fixed Job
    • Top Rated & Rising Talent Eligibility and Benefits
    • Time Tracking for Hourly Jobs
    • Milestone Process for Fixed Jobs
    • Good Client Finding Ways + Client Selection Criteria
    • Bidding (Submit Proposal) + Award-Winning Cover Letter Tricks
    • Getting Interviewed + Messaging
    • Job Offer + Accept Offer + Getting Hired
    • Job Submission and Revision
    • Ending a Contract
    • Payment Process + Get Paid + Withdraw Money
  • Upwork Thousand Tricks & Getting Success
  • Assignment on Upwork Profile Creation and Bid on 1 Job Daily
  • Tips and Tricks + PeoplePerHour
    • Account Opening
    • Profile Orientation
  • Create Hourly
    • Browse Jobs & Bidding on a Job
    • Boosting Your Sales
    • Bundle Up Skills
    • Hire Me Widget
    • Social Sharing & Profile Marketing
    • Leaderboard Concept
    • Order Delivery & Invoice Submission
    • Payment System Adding & Withdraw Money
  • PPH Thousand Tricks & Getting Success
  • Assignment on PPH Profile Creation and Bid on 15 Jobs
  • Sheet Submission for Profile Link + Video Link + Social Media Link
  • Sheet Submission for Bidding and Cover Letter Checking

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