Motion Graphics

Step Into the Realm of Boundless Creativity with Motion Graphics Mastery!

In this journey, you’ll master the fundamentals of motion graphics, from basic principles to advanced techniques. Through hands-on learning, we’ll guide you through Adobe After Effects, the industry-standard software for creating mesmerizing visual effects. From crafting captivating logo animations to exploring 3D motion graphics, you’ll unleash your creativity and hone your skills. By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools to create stunning motion graphics that captivate audiences.

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Unlock the power of storytelling with Motion Graphics!

Combining animation and graphic design, it’s the ultimate tool to captivate your audience. Say goodbye to static images and hello to memorable visuals that engage both the eyes and ears. Convert your ideas into animated masterpieces, complete with audio and other features, for maximum impact. Whether it’s for multimedia projects or personal creations, motion graphics elevate your message to a whole new level of creativity and effectiveness.

Join us and bring your ideas to life with the magic of motion!

Key Features

Tools Covered

What you'll learn

On completion of the course, students will be able to:

Learning Path

  • About After Effect Workspace
  • Importing Footage
  • Understanding Layers
  • Understanding Composition
  • Timecode and Duration
  • Customizing Workspace
  • Working with Shape Layers
  • Creating Custom Shapes
  • Positioning Layers with Snapping
  • Adjusting Anchor Points
  • Working with Keyframes
  • Types of Keyframes
  • Working with Multiple Layer Properties
  • Position, Scale, and Opacity Keyframe Properties
  • Working with Photoshop Layers
  • Working with Illustrator Layers
  • Controlling Keyframes
  • Assignment
  • Parenting Layers
  • Pick Whip
  • Recomposing
  • Graph Editor
  • Assignment
  • Retiming the Composition
  • Adding Audio Track
  • Supported Audio Formats
  • Track Matte and Luma Matte
  • Creating Mask
  • Editing Mask
  • Feathering
  • Bezier Mask
  • Vignette and Reflection
  • About Rotoscoping
  • Segmentation Boundary
  • Fine Tuning the Matte
  • Changing the Background
  • Adding Animated Text
  • About Expressions
  • Some Basic Expressions
  • Slider Control and Trim Paths
  • Problem Solving
  • Exam
  • Portfolio Creating
  • How to Brand Yourself as a Graphic Designer
Fiverr session 1

  • Introduction to Fiverr
  • Creating A Fiverr Account
  • Fiverr Gigs Creation Techniques
  • Fiverr Tips and Tricks
Fiverr session 2

  • Fiverr Account and Gigs Check
  • Understanding Buyer Request in Depth
  • Problem Solving
  • Fiverr Tips and Tricks
  • Touring Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Nonlinear Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Interface
  • Setting Up a Project
  • Setting Up a Sequence
  • Importing Assets
  • The Project Panel
  • Working with Bins
  • Using the Source Monitor
  • Essential Editing Commands
  • Program Monitor Controls
  • Controlling Resolution
  • Using Markers
  • Using Sync Lock and Track Lock
  • Adding Transition
  • Edit Points and Handles
  • Using A/B Mode to Fine-Tune a Transition
  • Adding Video Transition
  • Replacing Clips and Footage
  • Nesting Sequences
  • Advanced Trimming
  • Trimming in the Program Monitor Panel
  • Adjusting the Motion Effect
  • Working with Keyframe Interpolation
  • Sweetening Sound with Audio Effects
  • Applying Effects in the Audio Mixer
  • Cleaning Up Noisy Audio
  • Adjusting EQ
  • Working with Effects
  • Color-Oriented Workflow
  • Fixing Color Balance
  • Making Text Roll and Crawl
  • Color Keying a Green Screen Shot
  • Using Mattes
  • Final Project Management Steps
  • Problem Solving Class
  • Exam
  • Lower Third Animation
  • Lumetri Color Setting
  • Replacing the Background
  • Color Grading
  • Puppet Pin Tool
  • Puppet Stretch Tool
  • Puppet Advanced Tool
  • Keyframing a Motion Path
  • Assignment
  • Illustrator Layer Composition
  • Convert AI Layer to Shape Layer
  • Creating a Basic Character Motion
  • Assignment
  • Creating 3D Text
  • Using 3D Views
  • Adding 3D Lights
  • Adding a Camera
  • Adjusting Camera’s Depth of Field
  • 3D Slideshow
  • Null Object
  • Assignment
  • About the 3D Camera Tracker Effect
  • Repairing Rolling Shutter Distortion
  • Ground Plane
  • Creating Realistic Shadow
  • Adding Ambient Light
  • Particle Simulation
  • Camera Tracking with Points
  • Assignment
  • Particle System
  • Warp Stabilizer
  • Effects and Presets
  • CC Light Sweep and Ball Action
  • Blending Options
  • Green Screen Effect
  • Map Animation Using 3D and Camera Tracking
  • Plugins and Rendering
  • Assignment
  • Problem Solving Class
  • Final Project
  • Introduction to Upwork
  • Upwork Account Creation
  • Arranging Profiles
  • Writing a Proposal
  • Bidding
  • Advanced Tips and Tricks

Who Will Benefit

The course is designed to benefit a wide range of individuals, including:

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To enroll in this course, participants should meet the following eligibility criteria:


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