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The Postgraduate Diploma in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) offers a comprehensive and cutting-edge curriculum designed to equip students with advanced skills and knowledge in the dynamic field of ICT. With a credit-based structure and a balance between theory and practical application, this program provides a holistic learning experience.

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The Postgraduate Diploma in Information & Communication Technology offers an extensive curriculum encompassing a diverse range of courses meticulously crafted to furnish students with comprehensive knowledge and practical expertise in the dynamic realm of ICT. From foundational principles to advanced applications, the program traverses various domains including Introduction to ICT, Office Automation, Java Programming, System Maintenance and Troubleshooting, Computer Networks Maintenance, Mobile Application Development, and Web Application & Website Design.

Information & Communication Technology stands as a cornerstone in contemporary businesses and industries, embracing a multitude of technologies and applications essential for modern operations. The diploma program serves as a conduit for students to cultivate proficiency in hardware setup, software configuration, programming languages, database management, system maintenance, networking, mobile application development, and web design.

Earning a diploma in Information & Communication Technology confers numerous benefits, empowering graduates with practical skills tailored to navigate real-world challenges within the ICT sector. Armed with this qualification, individuals gain a competitive edge in the job market, unlocking avenues for diverse career opportunities spanning roles such as system administrators, database managers, network specialists, mobile app developers, and web designers.

Furthermore, the program’s commitment to career enhancement aligns closely with industry standards, equipping students with the requisite skills and knowledge to thrive in the rapidly evolving ICT landscape. Through a multifaceted approach to evaluation encompassing internal assessments, seminars, and project reports, students emerge adeptly prepared to confront the intricacies of the industry.

Course Objective

What you'll learn

The syllabus is structured to provide students with skill-based education, enabling them to enter the workforce with expertise in various areas of ICT. Key learning outcomes include:

Learning Path

Semester 01 - 20 Credits
Credits : 4

Course Overview and Context:

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), balancing theoretical understanding with practical skills. With a credit value of 4 and spanning 40 class hours, the course is structured to provide students with a foundational grasp of ICT concepts and their real-world applications.

Course Outcomes:

  • Have a basic introduction to information and communication technologies and their application in the workplace.
  • Have a basic understanding of computer software, hardware, and associated technologies.
  • Have essential learning about using computers in the workplace.
  • Have basic knowledge of Internet technologies and how they can influence the workplace.
Credits : 4

Course Overview and Context:

This course provides a practical understanding of office automation, covering hardware, software, web applications, and smart technologies. Students learn computer assembly, OS setup, and tools like Adobe Photoshop. Labs reinforce skills in hardware/software setup and explore smart technologies, ensuring readiness for today’s office environments.

Course Outcomes:

  • Set up and use different hardware, application software, web application apps, and graphical tools
  • Use different types of operating systems
  • Know smart technologies and their applications
Credits : 4

Course Overview and Context:

This course aims to teach the principles of object-oriented programming in JAVA, covering abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. Students will learn the fundamentals of JAVA programming, including class definition, method invocation, and the use of class libraries. The course also introduces concepts of inheritance, design, packages, interfaces, and exception handling.

Course Outcomes:

  • Have a theoretical concept of JAVA programming language
  • Able to solve real-life problems using JAVA
Credits : 4

Course Overview and Context:

This course equips students with a solid foundation in database management, covering conceptual understanding, practical skills in SQL, and advanced topics like database administration. The hands-on lab sessions ensure that theoretical knowledge is translated into practical proficiency, preparing students for real-world scenarios in database design and management.

Course Outcomes:

  • Possess a comprehensive grasp of database concepts and database management system software.
  • Attain a high-level understanding of primary DBMS components and their functionalities.
  • Demonstrate the ability to model an application’s data requirements using tools like ER diagrams and design corresponding database schemas.
  • Exhibit proficiency in crafting SQL commands for tasks such as table creation, index establishment, data manipulation (insert/update/delete), and data querying within a relational DBMS.
  • Have the capability to develop data-intensive applications by programming with Database Management System APIs.
Credits : 4

Course Overview and Context:

This course seamlessly blends theory with hands-on experience, allowing students to master multimedia formats, drawing concepts, and cutting-edge software tools like Photoshop and Macromedia Director. Through exciting projects and labs, students not only gain proficiency in multimedia content creation but also stay updated on the latest web technologies and advanced research topics in this dynamic field.

Course Outcomes:

  • Understand the principles and current technologies of multimedia systems.
  • Acquire familiarity with the latest advancements in web technologies and explore select advanced topics in current multimedia research.
Semester 02 - 20 Credits
Credits : 4

Course Overview and Context:

This course empowers students with hands-on skills in system maintenance and troubleshooting, spanning hardware components, networking, and software challenges. Through practical labs and theoretical insights, students become proficient in system assembly, disassembly, and resolving common issues, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of computer system maintenance and troubleshooting.

Course Outcomes:

  • Efficiently troubleshoot system units, motherboard components, processors, bus architecture, and interfaces.
  • Expertly de-assemble and assemble laptops and PCs.
  • Address networking challenges and conduct troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Skillfully diagnose and solve common software problems.
  • Execute comprehensive data backup and recovery plans.
Credits : 4

Course Overview and Context:

This course delves into the intricacies of computer network maintenance, combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical experience. Students learn to configure switches, routers, and end devices, implement addressing schemes, and troubleshoot connectivity issues. The use of networking tools and simulation programs enhances their skills, preparing them to build and maintain robust computer networks.

Course Outcomes:

  • Build simple LANs, perform basic router and switch configurations, and implement IPv4 and IPv6 addressing schemes
  • Configure routers, switches, and end devices to provide access to local and remote network resources, ensuring end-to-end connectivity between remote devices.
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through real equipment and Cisco Packet Tracer simulations.
  • Configure and troubleshoot network connectivity using security best practices.
Credits : 4

Course Overview and Context:

This course is a comprehensive exploration of mobile application development, encompassing Java fundamentals, Android basics, and advanced topics. Students not only learn the theoretical foundations but also engage in hands-on labs, developing practical skills for creating mobile applications. The emphasis on location-based services, multimedia, and networking ensures students are well-equipped to meet the demands of the dynamic mobile development landscape.

Course Outcomes:

  • Acquire proficiency in developing applications for Android mobile devices.
  • Attain eligibility for numerous job opportunities worldwide in the field.
  • Demonstrate the capability to develop mobile applications with integrated database support.
  • Showcase the ability to create mobile applications that intelligently communicate with server applications.
  • Master the development of multimedia and location-based applications tailored for Android devices.
Credits : 4

Course Overview and Context:

This course empowers students to master web application and website design, covering a wide array of technologies from raw HTML to advanced CMS tools. Through theoretical concepts and practical labs, students learn to create dynamic, secure, and visually appealing websites, ensuring proficiency in the latest web development technologies.

Course Outcomes:

  • Effortlessly craft highly professional, interactive, and dynamic websites within a short timeframe.
  • Gain enriched knowledge and hands-on experience in utilizing the latest technologies, including HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Rapidly design reasonable, marketable, and professional websites utilizing intuitive CMS tools.
Credits : 4

Practical- Internship in Information & Communication Technology

Course Outcomes:

  • Apply skills in Information & Communication Technology through hands-on internship experiences.
  • Gain practical insights into the latest technologies, ensuring real-world application.

The students are required to undergo an internship in Information & Communication Technology Firm for gaining practical experience in the field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The program typically takes 12 months to complete, with a total of 40 credit hours spread across 10 subjects.
The course structure is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience, covering a range of subjects such as Introduction to ICT, Office Automation, Java Programming, System Maintenance and Troubleshooting, Computer Networks Maintenance, Mobile Application Development, and Web Application & Website Design.
Throughout the program, students develop proficiency in areas such as programming languages, system maintenance, troubleshooting, network management, database administration, mobile application development, and web design. They also enhance problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.
Completing this diploma will equip you with advanced skills and knowledge in ICT, enhancing your employability in various roles such as IT Manager, Software Developer, Network Administrator, Database Administrator, Web Developer, and more.
To enroll in this program, students are required to have completed their honors degree or its equivalent.
Yes, students can expect personalized support from experienced instructors who guide them through the course material and assist them in understanding complex concepts.
Currently, we do not offer this diploma program online.
While the program itself awards a Postgraduate Diploma in Information & Communication Technology, students may also have the opportunity to obtain additional certifications depending on the subjects covered and industry requirements.
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