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Digital Marketing, synonymous with online marketing, encompasses all transactions on the internet, including communication through text or messages. Leveraging digital marketing strategies is pivotal for business and brand awareness in the digital landscape. To thrive in the digital world, acquiring digital marketing skills is essential. Our specialized training program equips you for roles on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, opening opportunities across various sectors. Join to master digital marketing concepts, strategies, and implementation.

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Digital Marketing is essential for online transactions and brand awareness. Upon course completion, you’ll be ready for freelancing platforms and diverse job opportunities. Explore Digital Marketing with our specialized program for a deep understanding of strategies and implementation.

Key Features

Tools Covered

What you'll learn

Upon completing this course, you will gain proficiency in the following areas:

Learning Path

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Why Digital Marketing?
  • Digital Marketing Channels: Brief
  • Introduction to Facebook Page
  • Types of Facebook Page that Suit Your Needs
  • Facebook Page Creation
  • Optimizing the Facebook Page for Greater Discoverability
  • Explaining Offer, Event, Service, Shop
  • Facebook Page Insights
  • Difference Between Post and Ads
  • Prerequisite of Facebook Ads
  • Setting Up the Business Manager/Ad Account and Its Role
  • Understanding Facebook’s Ad Structure
  • Facebook Ads Objectives
  • Defining Your Ideal Target Audience
  • Audience Targeting (Behaviors, Interests, Demographics, Connections, Age Ranges, Languages, or Locations)
  • Ads Placement
  • Ads Budget Planning and Strategy
  • Setting Facebook Ad Bidding and Optimization
  • Source of Images
  • Creation of Facebook Ads Copywriting
  • Creating an Ad Campaign
  • Facebook Shop Creation
  • Adding Product in Facebook Shop
  • Facebook Commerce Manager
  • What is Facebook Pixel
  • How to Create Facebook Pixel
  • Setup Facebook Pixel on Your Website
  • Setup Different Pixel Events
  • Concept of Remarketing Strategy
  • Create Different Custom Audiences
  • Create Lookalike Audiences
  • Evaluating and Optimizing the Performance of Ad Campaigns
  • What is SEO, How It Works
  • Importance of SEO, Types of SEO
  • Google Algorithms, Google Ranking Factors
  • What is Keyword, Types of Keywords
  • Keyword Research: Free and Paid Methods
  • What is Domain, Domain Best Practices for Websites
  • What is Hosting, Buying Procedure for Domain & Hosting
  • What is CMS, WordPress CMS Installation and Basic Customization
  • Content Planning from the Selected Keywords
  • What are Quality Contents?
  • SEO and User-Friendly Content Writing
  • Complete On Page SEO using Yoast/Rank Math plugin
  • Google Search Console Setup and Overview
  • Google Analytics Setup and Overview
  • Google Tag Manager Setup and Overview
  • SEO Error Fixing:
    • Accessibility & Indexation
    • Accelerated Mobile Pages
    • Meta Data Missing
    • Status Codes (200, 301, 302, 304, 404)
  • Anchor Text Planning
  • Link Building Planning
  • Comment Backlink
  • Profile Backlink
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Guest Posting
  • Web 2.0
  • Article Submission
  • Document Sharing Backlink
  • Govt. & Edu. Backlink
  • What is Local SEO, Importance
  • NAP Idea and Consistency
  • Google My Business (GMB)
  • Citation
  • Why YouTube?
  • What is Niche, How to choose a profitable Niche for YouTube?
  • YouTube Content Ideas for your Niche, Content Planning
  • YouTube Graphics design and best practices
  • YouTube Channel Optimization
  • YouTube Dashboard, Analytics
  • Video Optimization On Page
  • Video Optimization Off Page
  • Earning Scopes
  • Niche Selection
  • Create a Powerful Account (Business Profile)
    • Handle
    • Name
    • Display Photo
    • Bio
    • CTA
  • Content Plan
    • Listening from Popular Brands
    • Act Like a Human, not like a Businessman
    • When the Ideal Time
    • How Do You Post
    • Exposure – Hashtag, Social Sharing
  • Instagram Marketing (Basic)
    • Audience
    • Place Identification
    • Short Term/ Long Term Goal
    • Competition
  • Instagram Tools
    • Schedule Post
    • Design Tool
    • Marketing Tool
  • Paid Marketing (Sponsored)
  • Overview of Google Ads
  • Account Setup
    • What is an MCC Account?
    • How to Create an MCC Account?
    • Access Management in an MCC Account
    • Creating an Ad Account under MCC with Billing
    • Basic Navigation of Google Ads Account
  • Search Ad
    • What is a Search Ad? Difference between SEO and SEM. Benefits of SEM, etc.
    • How to Create a Search Campaign
    • Campaign Setup and Targeting
    • Ad Group Setup
    • Ad Setup
    • Campaign Analysis and Reporting
  • Keyword Research with Keyword Planner
    • Importance of Choosing the Right Keywords
    • What is Keyword Planner?
    • How to Explore Keywords for a Specific Niche/Product?
  • Display Ad
    • Overview of Display Ad / Web Banner
    • Display Ad Ecosystem, Ad Serving Types: Fixed Banner, Ad Networks, DSP, PMP
    • Display Ad Through Google Ads/ Examples
    • Campaign, Ad-group, Ad Setup Walk-through
    • Targeting Options
    • Affinity Audience, In-market Audience, Remarketing List
    • Placement, Topic & Keywords
    • Bidding Model: CPM, CPC, vCPM
    • Optimization and Reporting
    • Ad Policies (Banner Sizes, <150kb, Frame Rate, etc.)
  • Video Ad
    • Overview and Types of YouTube Ads
    • Trueview/ Skippable Ad
    • Bumper/ Non-skippable Ad
    • Campaign, Ad-group, Ad Setup Process
    • Choosing the Right Targeting Based on Product/Niche/Audience
    • Bidding Model: CPM, CPV
    • Measurement Metrics- (View Through Rate, CTR, Watch Percentage, etc.)
    • Optimization and Reporting
  • Wrap Up
  • Email Marketing Intro
  • Sign up for MailChimp & Choosing a Plan
  • Create a Campaign
    • Create an Email
    • Email Content
  • Analytics in MailChimp
  • Welcome to LinkedIn
  • Sign Up for New Profile
  • Setting Up Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Accomplishments to Your Profile
  • Adding Profile Photo and Professional Background Photo
  • Adding Media – Video and Blog
  • Changing Your LinkedIn URL
  • Adding Your Website and YouTube Channel (If You Have)
  • Shareable Content – Article and Post
  • Case Study – LinkedIn Company Page Example
  • Creating Company Profile Page
  • Managing Your LinkedIn Company Profile
  • Publishing New Content on Your Company Page
  • Marketing Dashboard
  • ABC of Podcast
  • Pinterest Account Creation & Profile Setup
  • Pin & Board Creation
  • Finding Niche Boards & Pinning Strategy
  • Pinterest Ads
  • What is Reddit?
  • Reddit Account Creation
  • Joining Targeted Communities
  • Reddit Marketing Strategy

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The course is designed to benefit a wide range of individuals seeking to thrive in the digital landscape. Potential beneficiaries include:

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