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The Digital Marketing Post Graduate Diploma covers SEO, social media, advertising, and analytics, providing practical skills for roles like Digital Marketing Manager and SEO Expert. Emphasizing industry standards, it prepares for diverse opportunities, including entrepreneurship and freelancing.

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Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing encompasses the concepts such as Introduction to Digital Marketing, Website Planning, Domain & Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Advertising & Product Placements, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics & Web Master Tools, App Store Optimization and E-Commerce Optimization. Digital marketing is a broad term that includes all marketing channels and methods you can use to promote products or services on the internet. The course gives expertise to the students by providing them with enormous chance of window in Digital Marketing.

Benefits of earning a diploma in digital marketing help individuals develop their talents to tackle practical marketing techniques. These competitive advantages provide the requisite skills and knowledge to design, implement, and observe useful digital marketing campaigns and contribute to operational marketing systems, utilizing the latest digital tools and practices. This diploma helps to find employment in large corporations and often in global marketplaces. It enables them to transform their job by working with industry leaders to impact society. Careers will utilize learned skills such as those needed to be a marketing manager or marketing team leader. Other career paths may include sales consulting, global acquisition managing, or being a product specialist.

Career enhancement programs are formulated as per current industry standards and reflect on the commitment to build a unique workforce, which will meet the challenges in the industry. Evaluation is based on internal assessment, seminars, and reports prepared by the students. The perspective for this programme is even more relevant today. There continues to be need for a master’s programme that equips the student with knowledge, competencies and new skill sets in order to get employment after basic school education especially for the rural youth without the need to pursue any programme of higher education and also for already employed who do not have a certificate for further advance learning situation.

Course Objective

What you'll learn

The syllabus is framed in such a way that it provides skill based education to students currently pursuing higher education but actually interested in entering the workforce at the earliest opportunity.

Learning Path

Semester 01 - 20 Credits
Credits : 4

Course Overview and Context:

The course provides a deep knowledge about the Digital marketing platforms and the theoretical aspects of creating a website.

Course Outcomes:

  • Explain the concept of digital marketing and the role of a digital manager
  • Administer the website and identifies the search engines Discuss the various MISC tools
  • Describe the concepts of lead management and digital marketing
  • Explain the various trending digital marketing skills
Credits : 4

Course Overview and Context:

This course teaches Web Design principles and key elements needed for creating an engaging website. It also takes the Learner through the simple technicalities needed to develop and maintain a website.

Course Outcomes:

  • Explain the concept of Word Press and its installation procedure
  • Integrate various tools in Word Press for the better working
  • Develop a colour scheme and use various tools in Word Press
  • Develop theme using Word Press CSS information and techniques
  • Prepare content management using Word Press
Credits : 4

Course Overview and Context:

This course helps the participants gain expertise in Pay-Per-Click and Paid Search and to Identify and analyze the past and future Pay-Per-Click trends and make use of these patterns.

Course Outcomes:

  • Discuss the impact of google AdWords
  • Explain the role of search advertising in marketing
  • Create successful video campaigns to build awareness
  • Prepare E-Commerce advertising for shopping campaigns
  • Develop a business on Google and promote business locally
Credits : 4

Course Overview and Context:

The students will learn how to develop, organize and implement a content marketing strategy, analyze and measure the effectiveness of content marketing, write compelling copy, use a strategic framework when writing, and build their professional brand and authority through content marketing.

Course Outcomes:

  • Explain the concept of content marketing
  • Practice the methods to get the content to stick.
  • Create the strategic types of contents
  • Discuss the ethics and professionalism in managing the content
  • Differentiate between content writing and copy writing
Credits : 4

Course Overview and Context:

It introduces the concept of electronic commerce, its models and types, various security issues and solutions and the way to set up an E-Commerce Business. It helps to make the students familiar with the mechanism of conducting business transactions through electronic media.

Course Outcomes:

  • Explain the concept of affiliate marketing.
  • Discuss on the partnership with Affiliate Networks, AdSense& Ad Networks
  • Create web designs and integrate social plugins
  • Integration of ESP with WordPress
  • Integrate the methods available for Email Analytics
Semester 02 - 20 Credits
Credits : 4

Course Overview and Context:

Provides knowledge on building an email list and on creating an email marketing campaign to help grow the affiliate marketing research using Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

Course Outcomes:

  • Explain the theoretical and practical applications of E-Commerce.
  • Discuss the various E-Commerce models and strategies
  • Identify the various E-Payment systems available
  • Describe the concept and ways of E-Commerce security systems.
  • Discuss the steps in developing an E-Commerce website
Credits : 4

Course Overview and Context:

Provides knowledge regarding social media advertising including strategy development using various social media management tools and platforms.

Course Outcomes:

  • Employ the important concepts of social media marketing
  • Practice the various theoretical aspects in Facebook marketing
  • Discuss the different ways of marketing using Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Illustrate YouTube marketing and optimization
  • Create Instagram business profile and promote business
Credits : 4

Course Overview and Context:

This course provides knowledge on how to identify key SEO metrics and collect, interpret, validate, and report success to your clients and stakeholders. It includes many facets of SEO including keyword research, technical SEO, link building, analytics, and much more.

Course Outcomes:

  • Explain the conceptual aspects of Search Engine Optimization
  • Identify the right keywords to optimize the website
  • Practice the on page optimization techniques
  • Practice the off page optimization techniques
  • Discuss the methods to avoid SEO Penalty & Dynamic Website SEO.
Credits : 4

Course Overview and Context:

This course covers the more complex elements of Google Analytics course and provides a thorough understanding of how data is collected on a website, including a best practice GA set up.

Course Outcomes:

  • Explain the working of Google Analytics.
  • Explain the interface of google analytics and the basic reports.
  • Appraise basic campaign and conversion tracking
  • Develop own analytics account
  • Integrate Advanced Analysis Tools, Advanced Marketing Tools and Google Tag Manager
Credits : 4

Practical- Internship in Digital Marketing Firms.

Course Outcomes:

  • Describe various functions performed in a Digital Marketing Firm
  • Develop practical skills by on the job training in a Digital Marketing Firm

The students are required to undergo an internship in Digital Marketing Firm for gaining practical experience in the field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Marketing encompasses all online channels and methods to promote products or services. In the current business environment, where consumers are highly active online, digital marketing provides a powerful means to reach and engage the target audience, increase brand visibility, and drive business growth.
The PGD in Digital Marketing is designed to equip students with practical skills and knowledge. From fundamental concepts to hands-on experience in areas like SEO, social media marketing, and web analytics, the program ensures that students are ready to implement effective digital marketing strategies and contribute to the success of businesses in the real world.
Graduates can pursue various roles such as Digital Marketing Manager, Web Developer, Social Media Executive, SEO Expert, Content Marketer, and more. The program provides a versatile skill set, enabling individuals to excel in diverse roles within the digital marketing domain or even pursue entrepreneurship.
The internship in a Digital Marketing Firm is a crucial part of the program, providing students with practical exposure to industry practices. It allows them to apply theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting, gain hands-on experience, and develop essential skills that will make them job-ready upon completion of the diploma.
The PGD in Digital Marketing is open to individuals with various educational backgrounds. Whether you come from a marketing, business, or technical background, the program is designed to accommodate a range of skills. It is structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing, making it accessible to a broad audience interested in entering the digital marketing field.
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