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Excel with Accounting Management Software

The “Digital Accounting Professional” course is designed to skill up individuals with essential accounting skills using popular tools such as QuickBooks and Xero. As the accounting sector evolves, proficiency in these software applications becomes increasingly vital. This comprehensive course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and practical skills needed to navigate financial records efficiently, monitor business progress, and explore diverse opportunities in the job marketplace.

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This will provide you with the most popular tools knowledge and useful skills in the accounting sector. Enhance your work eligibility with the tools in the world such as QuickBooks & Xero. Designed for aspiring professionals, students, and those seeking to enhance their accounting skills, this comprehensive program goes beyond theory to provide hands-on expertise in industry-leading software – QuickBooks and Xero.

Whether you’re aiming for career advancement, freelance opportunities, or personal development, our course offers a pathway to success.

Key Features

Tools Covered

What you'll learn

Upon completing this course, you will gain proficiency in the following areas:

Learning Path

  • What Is QuickBooks Online?
  • Features of QuickBooks Online
  • Learn About QuickBooks Center – What Does It Contain?
  • Learn About Client Switcher – How to Switch Multiple Companies?
  • Learn About Navigation Panel and Quick Create Options
  • Learn About Gear Icon to Set Up and Modify Lists & Users
  • How to Manage Users?
  • How to Import Data/Export Data in QuickBooks Online?
  • How to Navigate QuickBooks Online?
  • What Are Custom Form Styles?
  • Learn About Sales Center
  • Learn About Expense Center
  • Learn About Employee Center
  • What Is a Chart of Accounts (COA)?
  • How to Create New Accounts?
  • How to Delete/Inactivate Accounts?
  • How to Add Taxes/VAT?
  • Learn About Apps Center
  • How to Work with Customer Center?
  • How to Create a New Customer?
  • How to Enlist Products & Services into QuickBooks Online?
  • How to Track Inventories?
  • How to Create an Estimate?
  • How to Convert an Estimate to an Invoice?
  • How to Create Invoices?
  • How to Receive a Payment?
  • How to Deposit Undeposited Funds?
  • What Are the Options to Create a Credit Note?
  • What Are the Ways to Create Sales Receipts?
  • How to Create Refund Receipts?
  • Learn the Ways to Explore the Sales Center?
  • How to Work with Supplier’s Center?
  • Learn and Understanding the Supplier’s Bar
  • How to Create New Suppliers?
  • How to Create Purchase Orders?
  • How to Create a Bill?
  • How to Create Expenses?
  • How to Create Cheque?
  • What Are the Ways to Make Payments?
  • What Is Supplier Credit?
  • How to Enter a Credit Card Credit?
  • How to Create a New Employee?
  • How to Create a Time Sheet?
  • How to Create a Billable Time Chart?
  • What Are the Processes of Transfer Funds?
  • How to Record a Journal Entry?
  • Learn to Create Customer Statements
  • Learn to Do Inventory Quantity Adjustment
  • Learn to Do Pay Down Credit
  • How to Record Recurring Transactions and Templates of Recurring Transactions
  • Learn to Get Bank Feeds
  • How to Create a Bank Rule?
  • What is the Process of Bank Reconciliation?
  • Learn the Steps of Reconciliation
  • Learn About Budgeting
  • How to Set Multicurrency?
  • How to Process Write Off Invoices?
  • How to Do QuickBooks Clean Up?
  • How to Do Projects in QuickBooks Online?
  • How to Generate Reports in QuickBooks Online?
  • How to Customize Reports?
  • How to Generate Management Report?
  • How to Print and Email Reports in QuickBooks Online?
  • Final Exam (Online) on for Final Assessment
  • What Is Xero?
  • What Are the Features of Xero?
  • What Are the Uses of Xero?
  • Learn About Xero Center
  • Learn About Logins, Access, and Pricing of Xero
  • How to Access to the Xero Demo Company?
  • How to Create a New Organisation?
  • Learn About the Xero Dashboard
  • Learn About the Xero Menus, Icons & Tabs
  • How to Get Help & Support from Xero?
  • How to Operate Xero Files?
  • Learn About Organization Settings to Set Up a New Company
  • Learn About Financial Settings to Set Up a New Company
  • How to Add a Tax Rate?
  • Learn About Email Settings
  • What is a Chart of Accounts (COA)?
  • What are Account Input Fields?
  • How to Import a Chart of Accounts in Xero?
  • Process of Adding an Account
  • Process of Editing an Account
  • Process of Deleting an Account
  • Process of Archiving an Account
  • Process of Restoring an Account
  • Process of Exporting a Chart Of Accounts from Xero
  • Learn about User Roles
  • How to Add an User?
  • How to Edit an User?
  • How to Remove an User?
  • What Are Conversion Balances?
  • What Is the Conversion Date and the Importance of It in Xero?
  • How to Set the Conversion Date?
  • Learn About the Ways of Entering Conversion Balances in Xero
  • Learn About the Ways of Entering Comparative Balances in Xero
  • What Is Bank Accounts & Bank Feeds?
  • Process of Adding a Bank Account
  • Process of Adding a Credit Card
  • How to Archive a Bank Account?
  • How to Restore a Bank Account?
  • How to Create a Spend Money Transaction?
  • How to Create a Receive Money Transaction?
  • How to Create a Transfer Money Transaction?
  • Learn About Contacts of Xero
  • What Are Contact Input Fields and How Does It Work?
  • Process of Importing Contacts
  • Process of Creating a Contact Group
  • Process of Adding a Contact
  • Process of Editing a Contact
  • Process of Archiving a Contact
  • Process of Restoring a Contact
  • Process of Exporting Contacts
  • What Is Inventory?
  • What Are Inventory Input Fields and How Does It Work?
  • Process of Creating an Inventory Item (Untracked)
  • Process of Creating an Inventory Item (Tracked)
  • Process of Editing an Inventory Item
  • What Are Opening Balances (Tracked Items) of Inventory in Xero?
  • How to Export Inventory Items?
  • How to Import Inventory Items?
  • How to Process Invoice Settings?
  • Get Familiar with the Sales Dashboard
  • What Are Invoice States?
  • What Are Invoice Input Fields and How Does It Work?
  • How to Create a New Invoice?
  • How to Attach Files to Invoices?
  • Process of Editing an Invoice
  • Process of Copying an Invoice
  • Process of Voiding an Invoice
  • Process of Printing an Invoice
  • Process of Recording a Payment
  • Process of Sending Receipts
  • Process of Searching Invoices
  • What Is Repeating Invoices?
  • How to Create a Repeating Invoice?
  • What Are Credit Notes?
  • How to Create a Credit Note?
  • What Are Quotes?
  • What Are Quote Input Fields and How Does It Work?
  • Process of Creating a Quote
  • Process of Sending, Printing, and Deleting a Quote
  • Process of Accepting or Declining a Quote
  • Process of Copying Quotes
  • Get Familiar with the Purchases Dashboard
  • Process of Creating a New Bill
  • Process of Attaching Files to Bills
  • Process of Editing a Bill
  • Process of Copying a Bill
  • Process of Voiding a Bill
  • Process of Recording a Payment
  • What Are the Ways to Search Bills?
  • How to Create a Repeating Bill?
  • How to Create a Credit Note?
  • Process to Create a Purchase Order
  • Process of Editing or Deleting a Purchase Order
  • Process of Marking a Purchase Order as Billed
  • Process of Copying a Purchase Order
  • What are Expense Claims?
  • Process of Creating an Expense Claim
  • Process of Editing and Viewing Expense Claims
  • Process of Submitting an Expense Claim
  • Process of Approving an Expense Claim
  • Process of Declining an Expense Claim
  • Process of Paying an Expense Claim
  • How to Search for Previous Claims?
  • What is Reconciliation and the Process to Do It?
  • Get to Know about the Reconciliation Screen
  • What is Cash Coding?
  • What Does Bank Statement (Tab) Contain?
  • What Does Account Transactions (Tab) Contain?
  • What is Matching and How to Do It?
  • What Are Prepayments in Xero?
  • What Are Overpayments?
  • Process of Creating Spend and Receive Transactions
  • How to Transfer Between Bank Accounts?
  • How to Generate Reconciliation Report?
  • What Are Fixed Assets in Xero?
  • What Are Fixed Asset Input Fields and How Does It Work?
  • How to Set Asset Types?
  • How to Set the Fixed Asset Start Date?
  • Process of Creating a Fixed Asset
  • What is Depreciation?
  • How to Run Depreciation in Xero?
  • How to Operate Rolling Back Depreciation in Xero?
  • What is Selling and Disposing of Assets?
  • How to Use Payrun in Xero?
  • How to Create Pay Items?
  • How to Create a Project in Xero?
  • Process of Creating a Project
  • Process of Tasks, Expenses, Invoice
  • What Are Reports and How to Operate Them on Xero?
  • What Are the Different Common Reporting Functions?
  • What Is the Way to Save a Report (Draft)?
  • What Is the Way to Publish a Report?
  • How to Export a Report?
  • How to Create a Budget?
  • How to Import a Budget?
  • How to Export a Budget?
  • Final Exam (Online) on for Final Assessment
  • Branding – OWN SEO (Create Social Media Accounts with the Same Name and Picture)
  • How to Create Own Portfolio
  • Keep an Updated Portfolio
  • Guideline to Fiverr Account Creation
  • Fiverr Gig Creation
  • Fiverr Tips and Tricks
  • Payoneer Account Creation
  • Introduction to Upwork
  • Guideline to Upwork Account Creation
  • Upwork Bidding
  • Upwork Cover Letter Writing
  • Upwork Tips and Tricks
  • Introduce with some other marketplaces (
  • Account Creation
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Marketplace Profile Links

Who Will Benefit

The course is designed to benefit a wide range of individuals seeking to thrive in the digital landscape. Potential beneficiaries include:

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To enroll in this course, participants should meet the following eligibility criteria:


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